Who are we?

UCCOI is a company with a solid market position with modern technological park and qualified staff. Our main advantage is 18 years experience and specialist knowledge of the plastics and metals treatment.

Desire for action, endless strive for perfection and ability to over-
come  the  barriers allow  us  to implement even the most sophi-
sticated designers' projects.

We continually undertake new challenges and follow the time spirit. The range of our services is constantly growing.

How do we work?

We use plexi as it is one of
the most creative materials

Available as colourful and colour-
less plates,  granulated mass, pipes  and rods  for years has been successfully used in many branches. Thanks to  aesthetic and  visual  values  and  great plasticity it creates unlimited possibilities for designers.

For plexi treatment we use CNC machines,  advanced  lasers  and scarifying machines. We construct ring  benders,  forms and heaters for specific projects.

What is plexi?

On  the  market  plexi is also available as  PMMA or  acrylic glass, the names of which are definitions  for  stiff,  durable,
no preservation needing plastic.

Plexi  is   an   environmentally friendly material. Wastes from PMMA  are  again  head - treated. Low depolarization's temperature enables easy recycling.

Plexi is characterised by:

- transparency and smoothness
- susceptibility to mechanical          treatment
- thermoplasticity
- resistance to UV



Center of project and production of furnishings and interior elements with a usage of plexi

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